Field Notes

Notes from individual Scirens gathered on our field trips.

Field Notes: GM at MANH(A)TTAN Screening

The eminent cosmologist Sean Carroll once said, “In physics, if you haven’t contributed anything by the time you’re 50, you’re through. In acting, you only get better with age.” Indeed, acting is a discipline where the master practitioners continue to evolve and deepen as time passes, and, like physics, it’s a field where upstart crows look to those more experienced for guidance …

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Field Notes: TO at JPL/NASA Social for Orion Test Launch

I was beyond excited when we Scirens were invited to the NASA Social for the ORION Spacecraft test launch! (which ended up going perfectly after the 1st scrubbed launch). We had a chance to learn more about this spacecraft which is integral to the next stage of NASA space travel, and its missions, including Asteroid deflection and… *drum …

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Field Notes: GM at COPENHAGEN

The AxS Festival, in coordination with A Noise Within, presented a staged reading of playwright Michael Frayn’s Tony Award-winning play Copenhagen on September 29, 2014. In it, Neils Bohr, his wife Margrethe, and Bohr’s protégé Werner Heisenberg are condemned to recount the events of one day in 1941 standing in the purgatory of director Robertson Dean’s barren stage. …

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