LIVE WEBINAR: OpenAccess Energy Summit is proud to partner with Waterloo Global Science Initiative for a series of live webcasts during their OpenAccess Energy Summit

WGSI is bringing representatives from 18 countries together to discuss improving electricity access for more than one billion people who have no access to energy, drawing attention to sustainable energy and increased social equality. Find more resources on their Twitter feedPinterest, and Youtube Channel.

OpenAccess Energy Summit Opening Panel & Dan Kammen Keynote Address (1400EDT, 4/22)

Panel discussion about the current global state of energy poverty and energy access featuring voices Jatin Nathwani (Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy), Rachel McManus (EarthSpark International) and Theodore Blackbird-John (Bkejwanong Territory, Walpole Island First Nation) moderated by science journalist Dr. Michael Brooks.Keynote address from Daniel Kammen, Class of 1935 Distinguished Professor of Energy at the University of California, Berkeley, on the science and policy innovation needed to achieve universal energy access.

Archived video will be made available at

Harnessing the Wind with William Kamkwamba (1900EDT, 4/22)

TED Global Fellow William Kamkwamba shares his inspiring energy journey which began at age 14 when he built a windmill to power his home in famine-stricken Malawi armed with only a textbook and parts from the scrap yard.

Going 100% Renewable with Søren Hermansen (1600 EDT, 4/23)

Søren Hermansen was a driving force behind his home’s – Samsø Island, Denmark – transition to 100% renewable energy. What lessons can communities all over the world learn from Samsø and the winner of “the environmental Nobel” prizeArchived video will be made available at

OpenAccess Energy Summit Communiqué Presentation (1400 EDT, 4/17)

Closing panel of the OpenAccess Energy Summit featuring recommendations on energy access developed collaboratively by contributors from 24 countries.
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